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These aircraft models are for Flight Simulator 2004(fs9) only.
Made with Flight Simulator Design Studio v.35 or 351.

  Airco DH-6.

  acodh6v1.zip   06/12/14

A very basic training aircraft

 Airco DH-6

Airco DH-6...

  Boulton Paul P-71A

  p71a_v2.zip    2/10/14

A development of the 'Mailplane'

Missing Navigation lamps added for v2

BP. P71A

Boulton Paul P-71A

v 2 By Edward Cook. 2/10/14.

  Bristol Type 26 'Pullman'

  pulmn_v1.zip   23/ 7/14

One of the very few Four engined Triplanes

Only the prototype was built. It was never used as an airliner.


Bristol Type 26 'Pullman'

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